Advocacy Law

At RL&A, we advocate for individuals and companies whose civil and legal rights are being violated.   There are a variety of cases in which we work as an advocate, including:

  • Education & IEP Advocacy
  • Students with Disabilities Act Advocacy
  • American with Disabilities Act Advocacy
  • Housing Discrimination
  • Community Development
  • Voting Rights & Voter Disenfranchisement Issues
  • LGBT Advocacy
  • Sex & Gender Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Racial Profiling
  • Employment Discrimination and EEOC Violations
  • Mass Torts & Class Action Lawsuits

Don’t face discrimination or civil rights violations without an advocate from RL&A at your side. Call our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

It’s not just about clients.  This is personal. Civil rights affect us all.

Appellate Advocacy

Did you have a case in which the ruling was not what you desired? You have the right to a review by a higher court (an “appeal”).  Your Constitutional right to take your case through the Appellate system is a right granted by both the Florida and U.S. Constitutions.  At RL&A, we assess your case and determine the standing and focus on the prevailing arguments for the best possible outcome.


If you are considering filing a lawsuit, you’ll need a capable attorney at your side to guide you through the procedures, paperwork, mediations, hearings, and other events involved in the process.  At RL&A, we provide our clients with aggressive litigation representation, and focus on negotiating for the best possible outcome in the Pre-Trial process.

Pre-Trial Advocacy

In most cases, you will need an apt attorney who can draft complaints and motions on your behalf that are effective and can sustain testing in a hearing in front of a judge or magistrate.  Whether you have had  your individual civil rights violated, or you are a claimant in a lawsuit of class action proportions, it’s critical that your lawyer adeptly navigates the pre-trial procedures when they represent you.  At RL&A, we know how to make the system work for our clients.

Mass Torts & Class Actions

Class Suits, or Class Action Lawsuits, are the lawsuits when multiple individuals come together to fight larger entities such as corporations or government organizations.  The Class Action matters range in a variety of topics, but often are product liability or consumer fraud related.  At RL&A, we have a passion for justice and we fight tirelessly for our clients, no matter how complex the case may be or how the amount of the damages involved.

Our dream is civil justice for all…

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.”
– Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Fighting for our clients’ rights is something we’re passionate about.  Our Founder and Managing Attorney, Erika Rodriguez, has created an atmosphere and culture that drives the RL&A team to do their very best to help their fellow citizens.  We really are living our dream when we have the opportunity to advocate for those that need it the most!

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